Ultimate Guide How to Build a Mailing List Fast with Solo Ads

How to build mailing list fast with Solo Ads
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How to build mailing list fast with Solo Ads

In this guide, you will learn how to build your mailing lists fast with solo ads.

When You Pay for Traffic, You Are Buying Results

Buying solo ads gives you access to fast, targeted traffic you can use to pound your website and build your email list all day long.

It’s scalable so you can start small with less than fifty dollars to buy a hundred clicks or so and — when you find something that works — you scale and start to buy clicks in their thousands.

Plus, you can very quickly decide to move into other media buys.

But before we move on to the juicy stuff, let’s make sure we’re all talking the same language.

The Inside Story on Solo Ads

Solo ads are when you pay someone to send an email to their subscribers promoting your website.

Usually, that’ll be an opt-in page and your job is to capture their email addresses.

Now you can market to them.

You can promote them useful and relevant information and in return, they’ll pay your bills.

A good deal really.

Solo Ads are paid traffic and best of all, it’s ultra-targeted traffic.

A little history you should know…

The truth about solo advertising is, it’s a very old concept and business strategy.

It’s even older than the internet and has been talked about for decades in the mail order and direct response industry.

Back then (… and it continues today) marketers simply collect the names and addresses of their customers.

It’s the exact same as having an email list only you’re using real addresses.

What would happen is if you are promoting your webpage to build a big database.

Then you could continue to market and sell the same and related products to those same subscribers.

And occasionally, maybe once a month, you might sell access to your email list.

Someone with an internet marketing product might pay you so they can use your database and email your subscribers with details of their product.

You’d only do this now and then because you don’t want to burn your email list and start irritating them with offer after offer.

The biggest difference between the offline and online world is it’s a lot more expensive to do this for real.

The expense of designing, printing, posting, and fulfilling orders costs a lot of money.

It means you have to have to know exactly what you’re doing or be prepared to take a big financial hit.

Because of that real world, direct response marketers are precision engineers when it comes to knowing exactly what does and doesn’t work.

That same real-world concept has evolved online as Solo Ads.

And they have boomed because the only expense is buying the advert.

Writing the email and sending it to thousands of people is next to nothing.

Thanks to this low cost and the massive potential they’ve become a mainstream source of leads for those brave and savvy enough to invest their money.

They’re commonly used and readily available across a range of niches from internet marketing to bodybuilding and weight loss.

Back to the real world of direct response marketers, the precision engineers.

I wanted to mention them because digital marketers are missing a trick.

Because when you study, and you learn from these masters who make this work when profit margins are tight, then you really do put yourself ahead of the pack.

You stack the odds of success greatly in your favor and learn tricks widely neglected by us arrogant ‘new age’ entrepreneurs who have it easy in comparison.

What’s more; when you are from the direct response marketers you become a master in marketing no matter what or where you are selling.

These are the real gurus you should learn from. And when you do you’ll escape the Matrix that is the marketing world and start seeing the secret
code for yourself.

Why Everyone’s In Love with Solo Ads

If you could spend $1 and make $2 back — how many dollars would you spend? Everything you could get your hands on I bet.

That’s the best thing about Solo Advertising.

For every dollar you spend, you can know exactly how much you will make in return.

This is classic, direct response marketing because you can test, track and monitor everything which means you can maximize your efficiency, your spending, and your profitability.

You can track how many people clicked on the link in your Solo Ad.

You can track what percentage joined your list and how many buy your products.

You can put a dollar value on how much every visitor to your website costs and — more importantly — how much every visitor to your website is worth.

Imagine this…

You spend $65 buying 100 clicks.

Now you know that every visitor to your website (that’s the number of people who click on the link inside your email advert) costs you $0.65.

If half those people join your list (50 people) then every new subscriber has cost you $1.30.

If 5% of those new subscribers buy a product after they subscribed to your Elite’s Funnel and you get a $27 affiliate commission, then you make $67.50.

Ok so you spent $65 and you made $67.50 back.

Now making a profit of $2.70 might not sound very sexy but you’ve covered your advertising costs and you’ve added 50 new people to your email list.

People you can continue to email and sell to until they die or unsubscribe from your newsletter.

You have built your email list for free without wasting weeks and months trying “free traffic sources” that probably won’t work

Now it’s time to scale.

Instead of buying 100 clicks why not buy 1,000 from the same list owner?

Then it’s time to move on and test 100 clicks which is another email list and do the same thing over and over, and over again.

Can you see why marketers love Solo Ads?

This is exactly what offline, direct response marketers have been doing for years.

They rent lists of names and addresses, testing them with small samples (say 1000) before scaling and sending out tens of thousands.

The most successful mailings were in the millions and ran for years.

Now you get Solo Ads and know a little about their potential we need to talk about Sales Funnels.

This is your money-extracting machine.

Your Almost-on-Autopilot Sales Funnel System

Now before you go out and blow your hard-earned marketing budget on a brand new Solo Ad you must have your Sales Funnel in place with the Elite System.

This is the system you set up to convert new leads into subscribers. It’s the system that turns new subscribers into cash money.

Before we go any further I want to talk about autopilot and push-button systems. There’s something I think you should know.

This system is about as close as you’re going to get to push-button, automated, and it’s a great thing.

It will work 24 hours a day and it’s almost set and forget.

You just need to tweak and feed it occasionally.

But please let me tell you this…

It’s only close to automated because the world changes and you must monitor your system.

Tweak and service your system occasionally.

You have to keep an eye on it because things do change with time.

Plus you want to keep things as profitable as possible.

Setting it up to your system the first time around is the biggest challenge.

Managing, testing, and tweaking are a whole lot easier.

It’s almost push-button because once you have your system up and running profitably then all you have to do is going out and buy some more Solo Ads.

All you’re doing is writing a few emails. But just remember.

Keep an eye on it. It’s your business.

Let’s outline the basics of your Sales Funnel System.

The Basic Sales Funnel System

The basic sales funnel is super simple and an easy place to start.

It makes you money and you can improve it gradually to maximize your profitability.

All you need is the Done-For-You Funnel, an auto-responder, and a product to promote (your Core Affiliate Program).

Your basic funnel will look a little like this:

Traffic > Your Done-For-You Funnel > Email Follow Up

The step-by-step process is this:

  • Buy a Solo Ad
  • Traffic is sent to your webpage/funnel
  • Visitors become your subscribers
  • Your new subscribers see the product offer at the thank-you page and also from the follow-up emails
  • They’ll now start to receive new emails from your autoresponder

Step 6 is learning to follow up and the best way to find out is by watching closely what they and don’t buy.

Sometimes they could be a bunch of tire-kickers who are only interested in free stuff or they might just need more time to think about your front-end offer and start to trust you.

You should start to find out more about your email list and what kind of information, products, and services they are looking for. Then sell it to them.

This method is super simple to set up and get going.

Don’t overcomplicate it and let it start to overwhelm you.

Keep it simple and get it going fast.

You can make it better later.

Marketing Like a Professional

As a marketer, your ultimate goal should always be to build a database of people you can continue to sell to in the future.

That includes providing value.

Lots of value and creating a relationship.

You want to become your lists trusted advisor and go-to guy or girl.

That’s a very profitable and genuine way to think.

If you’ve heard of the Pareto Principle (the 80:20 rule) then you’ll know that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your work.

In this case, 80% of your profits come from 20% of your email list.

These are the people who pay your bills so look after them and thank them for that.

Your front-end offer is to cover the cost of your advertising spend.

The money you make selling your offer should come close to (or pay) for the Solo Ad.

This means you are building your list (that database) for free.

Most of the time. This is the reality of the business. Don’t get greedy and push too hard right now.

Build your list and build it fast.

Follow Relentlessly

With your database growing it’s time to follow up relentlessly.

Stay in contact, forge relationships and sell bigger and better things.

All of your subscribers are likely to be very different.

And they’ll likely respond differently to different product offers.

As you get to know your list, you’ll start to find out what they read and don’t read.

What they buy and what they don’t buy. You’ll even get feedback.

Good and bad.

That’s a good thing because it lets you know more about the thoughts and feelings of your list.

Their goals, their aspirations, their fears and their failures.

It means you can help them and provide more relevant offers they’re likely to buy.

How often and how aggressive your follow-up is a test. Base it on results.

Track your open rates. Track your click-thru rates and – most importantly – track your sales.

People vote with their wallets.

This is the most important metric to watch.

The Four Super Critical Factors for Solo Ads

Here are some tried and tested principles on Solo Advertising from the original direct response marketers who know a thing of too…

This is probably the most important part of this guide.

List – Offer – Copy – Design

Imagine the Republicans sending an email to a list of Democrats asking for votes. It’s just not to go to work.

It’s an absolute must and no matter how good your offer is.

No matter what an amazing bargain it might be and how helpful it is – if you pick the wrong list – game over.

Pick the right list and you have a chance.

Even if you email a terrible offer with a bad copy and terrible design – you have a chance if you pick the right list. It could work.

So the first thing you must do is think about the kind of person who would subscribe to your offer and be interested in internet marketing.

If you want to buy a Solo Ad then go find the list owners in the internet marketing niche.

Then narrow it down to those who appeal to your target market.

The more specific you can be, the better.

For example, you could find someone with a list of people who want to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Or you could find someone with a list of people who want to make money online with ClickBank.

The more specific you can be with your list selection, the better.

When you know exactly who you are trying to target then you can strike up a conversation with list owners and ask them if they think their email list is a good match for your offer you can select from your Elite’s offers.

If you’re wondering why the list owner would help you, that’s simple.

Most list owners I know only want to send out relevant offers to their list.

They know they should treat their email list like gold and they don’t want to damage the responsiveness of their list by sending out irrelevant offers.

Attractive Offers to Get Leads

The second most important factor is your offer.

In the internet marketing world, most Solo Ad providers will usually link to a free offer in the ad they send to their list.

If you want to link to a paid offer in your email, then you need to speak to the Solo Ad provider.

Plus it usually makes more sense for you to link to your Elite Offer in your Solo mailing so you can build your list.

If you link to a sales page, you only have one chance to make the sale.

If you build your list, you have multiple chances to make the sale.

You can market to that subscriber as long as they are still subscribed to your email list.

A free gift is important for people to subscribe to the list.

The offers we provide in the Elite’s Program are unique in their own ways.

They are not those typical theory-based content.

Also, everyone loves quick and easy, so anything that makes life quicker and easier is usually a good start.

Now on the other side — when people have joined your list — you will start presenting them with paid offers.

The same principles will apply.

Make these offers a no-brainer where the value is off the chart.

To help maximize the number of sales, your free and paid offer should be related.

For instance, we have an Offer that is about affiliate marketing so the paid- offer could be a more complete solution of affiliate marketing.

You could presell the paid offer by giving away partial but incomplete information.

The options are endless, but the idea is to get your system working together like cogs in a machine.

Then you oil and tweak it for efficiency.

Better Copy = More Subscribers + More Sales

Copy is third on the list.

Your copy is the words in your emails. it’s the way you communicate with your subscribers.

The key to writing profit-pulling copy is – quite simply – knowing your subscriber inside out.

Then selling with emotion and backing that up with logic.

The best definition I’ve heard for copywriting is salesmanship in print. Its job is to turn traffic into subscribers or sales.

The most website does the exact same job as a salesman and does it 24 hours a day.

It can speak to thousands of people per hour, while a salesman might only speak to one.

Its salesmanship in print multiplied!

But to hire a top-gun copywriter will set you back 4 or maybe 5 figures.

There are hundreds of very expensive courses on the internet teaching you how to write copy, but the best way to get started is by picking up a good old-fashioned book written by one of the masters.

Masters like:

Claude Hopkins John Caples

Eugene Schwartz Gary Halbert

Joe Sugarman

Ben Suarez Victor Schwab

You can also learn about copywriting at

Choosing the Best Lists from the Best Solo Advert Providers

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that right now — after the last section – you understand and appreciate that list selection is the most important factor for your solo advert.

One more time…

List selection is the most important factor in your solo ad mailing.

Now it’s time to give you some actionable information on narrowing down your selection.

It’s called the R.F.M Formula.

Lists Just for Selling Solo Ads

This is an important point.

If you have 10,000 email addresses and know you can get 1% of them to click on a link, well, now you can sell 100 clicks for $65.

If you’re a naïve first-time Solo Ad buyer, you might be thinking you’re picking up the deal of the century.

Buying lots of clicks very cheaply but the chances of converting those leads into sales are very unlikely and you end up with a list full of tire kickers.

Buyers lists are the best kind of lists and the best way to find someone who has a buyers list is to find someone who is selling their own products.

Let’s move on.

The Recency | Frequency | Monetary Formula

Three critical factors when it comes to picking the right buyers list.

Here’s how it works for buyers lists.

You understand you have to choose a list that’s interested in what you have to offer.

When you’re promoting your Elite Offer related to affiliate marketing, preferably, you want to buy a solo ad from someone with a list of internet marketing about affiliate marketing.

No product creation, not sales copywriting, not drop shipping, not internet marketing in general.

You want access to a list of internet marketing about affiliate marketing.

And it might be worth testing a list of internet marketing just to see what happens.

But you have to consider more than just picking an ultra-targeted list because not all lists are the same.

Skip Round List Rot with Regency

Ask these questions:

How recently was the list built? When were the buyers added?

A week ago? A month ago? A year ago?

With every day that goes by your email list dies a slow painful death and grows less and less responsive.

People have short memories and as soon as someone joins your list (an inquiry or buyer list) they start to forget who you are and become less likely to open your emails.

We call it list rot.

It doesn’t help that attention spans are short and growing shorter.

Email is far from dead but it is getting harder and harder to stand out in the inbox.

So when you’re approaching someone with a buyers list, find out how long ago it was since those list subscribers bought.

How frequently did they buy?

There are buyers and there are hyper-responsive buyers.

If 80% of your profits come from 20% of your list and you put that 20% under a microscope, you’ll discover that 20% can be further broken down into 80:20.

Let’s not get too geeky about it but these hyper-responsive buyers just can’t get enough good information.

They’re the fanatics addicted to whatever it is you are selling.

The best part is the more someone buys – the more they are likely to buy again in the future.

If you find a list full of people who have bought multiple times then happy days! Think about it…

Who would you like to have on your list: The guy who bought it last year? The guy who bought it last week?

The guy who bought last month and last week?

All things being equal I’d have the person who bought recently and frequently.

How Much Money Did They Spend?

This is the Monetary part.

If you're promoting a $497 product, it makes more sense to buy a Solo Ad from a vendor with buyers who've spent $497 than from a vendor with buyers who've only spent $7 in the past.

The closer the monetary value of your product and that of the buyers list, the more successful you are likely to be.

If you're promoting a $37 course then you may have success selling to a list who'd bought a $7 product in the past.

It's not too big a jump but if you attempt to promote a $497 product, of course, that could be too big.

The closer the match between the prices of your product and the prices the buyers list is accustomed to spending, the better it is for you.

This is also true of selling something very cheap to a market that is used to spending lots of money.

R.F.M. Summary

With a little research and doing a little spying on the solo ad provider, you can get an idea of how recently their buyers list has been built and the monetary value of their products.

Of course, you can never be 100% and can be hard to reverse engineer so they may have lists and businesses you didn't know existed.

The Recently – Frequency – Monetary isn’t just a sensible guideline.

It’s a proven formula for finding the best lists and stacking the chances of success in your favor.

There is always an element of trust when you speak with a Solo Ad Vendor and the best way to find out the information is by asking them.

And always remember if it sounds too good to be true it usually is! It’s time to find a vendor…

How to Find, Contact and Book Solo Ads

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know

These famous words never seem too far from the truth.

When it comes to finding out everything there is to know about Solo Ads, what’s working right now and the kind of successful marketers are really having it’s all about getting dirty, getting involved and networking with others.

The reality of business is that you don’t share your best secrets with your competitors.

Why would top marketers share the information that’s putting food on their table with the rest of the world to use and abuse?

That’s why Solo Ads came from nowhere?

They were working so well that savvy marketers kept them secret and to themselves?

They didn’t want the world to find out about this underground tactic?

Then the information got out or the results started to wane ineffectiveness. So they started teaching these ‘old secrets’ for money.

That’s not to say they don’t work nowadays.

You just have to be more selective especially if you’re buying Solo Ads in the Internet Marketing niche. If you sidestep into other marketers and niches they’re probably as good as they ever were.

As a little side note the next time you see someone sharing their secret for ranking #1 in Google and making $40 grand last week they’re either lying or they’re sharing a secret they’ve already milked to death or it no longer works because the loophole closed. Call me a cynic!

This is where it’s important you start to recognize the difference between a marketing fundamental (like List – Offer – Copy – Design) and a fad.

The fundamentals will be around forever.

The fad will soon die out.

If you follow the right folk and network with the right people, you’ll discover private groups and Skype rooms where like-minded folk get together, share what’s working, solve problems and build working relationships.

This is the best way to find good Solo Ad sellers. This brings me onto:

Word of Mouth Recommendations and Good Old Fashioned Spying

I know a few plumbers and electricians who are always busy and never have to advertise.

They’re high in demand because you can count on them to do the job and they get all their business from word of mouth referrals.

No advertising is necessary.

The same thing happens with Solo Ads.

The best guys are just recommended by one marketer to another and they don’t have to advertise their services much.

So, if you know someone building their email list with Solo Ads then ask them for a recommendation.

If you’re on the list of someone you feel you can trust — and you know they use Solo Ads — then email them back and ask for a recommendation.

These are some of the best places to get started. Then…

Approach Vendors in IM Niche

If the best list is a buyers list, then why not source product vendors in internet marketing market?

If you can find other vendors in this market who are building a database of buyers then you could approach them to buy a Solo Ad.

Who knows you may find yourself your own, underground supplier of Solo Ads. Just make sure to do your homework.

Ask the right questions and be open to ideas and suggestions.

Find out if they will email their buyers list — some people will only email their freebie list for you — ask how frequently people have bought and the monetary value of the sale.

Ask what other lists they might have.

They could have a list of freebie seekers, $7 buyers, $47 buyers or $997 buyers.

Find out as much as you can.

I don’t believe in the adage “Fake it ‘til you make it” but if you think like a serious player, speak like a serious player and act like a serious player then you will become a serious player.

No faking is necessary.

Plus you never know what may come when you start up a conversation.

Instead of buying a Solo Ad you may do a reciprocal mailing, they may decide to do a Joint Venture and work on a project together or they might just sell you a Solo Ad.

If you never ask the answer is always NO!

Search the Marketplace

Popular internet marketing forums are awash with people talking about Solo Ads.

You will find threads with members asking for recommendations, providing testimonials and some forums become market places where business takes place.

When Solo Ad sellers start hanging out in forums, they’re often there for the sole business of building their email list and their reputation so they can start selling their products (and their Solo Ads).

Sometimes they are helping and sometimes they are using forum marketing.

There’s no harm in that.

Once they’re honest and open about their business and their intentions.

These forums are often gold mines of information.

Learn to use the search function on forums when looking for Solo Ads and look for recommendations on who to approach.

You can find them on Facebook (just type solo ads in the Search).

Never limit yourself to a single Solo Ad provider.

Make a shortlist and then prioritize them in order of reputation and affordability.

Prices vary and while you often get what you pay for you still want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Remember your results are measured in clicks, opt-ins, and (most importantly) sales.

You can buy it from Udimi.

It is a platform to buy solo ads from list owners.

You can join for free from

Booking Your Solo Ad

When you’ve selected your Solo Ad provider make sure you read the order page.

Since Solo Ads are usually bought by marketers in the know (beginners are usually too scared to invest their money) there’s usually very little information on the order pages other than a Paypal button.

But double-check because some are really good and have clear step-by-step details. You can find out:

  • If you can mail to free or paid offers (usually free offers only)
  • If you are paying for unique or raw clicks
  • How long it takes before your email is sent (and the traffic is sent) How many clicks you can expect
  • If you need to supply the email content, if they write their own email or if you supply the email swipe and they have permission to adapt it to suit their list
  • How frequently they add new subscribers (fresh) to their list
  • How they have built their email list and (rarely mentioned) if it includes buyers
  • If there will be other URLs in the email (it’s a Solo Ad so there shouldn’t be any other links to distract the reader)
  • What kind of offer is likely to work best (and generate the most interest)
  • If you can’t find these out then you’ll be able to get their email address or Skype ID and ask them.

This is all-important information they should be able to give you.

If they only have a bucket-style buyers list, then they might only be able to tell you if someone bought at least 1+ but not be able to specify exactly if they are repeat buyers.

Remember: usually, Solo Ad providers will guarantee the number of clicks you will receive. They do not guarantee opt-ins or sales because that’s down to you.

Consequently, there is usually NO REFUND so always start with a test and small purchase when choosing a new vendor.

Now it’s time to hit the buy button and book your solo ad.

Once you’ve booked your Solo Ad you may or may not receive instruction on what to do next.

It depends on how thorough and organized the seller is.

If the next step is vague don’t panic.

Just get in touch with the Solo Ad seller to initiate the next step and send over your swipe email.

They’re usually very helpful.

Remember you are the paying customer.

Then it’s bombs away as you wait for a few days before the traffic starts to hit your site and you start to see results.

Clicks typically come together on one day and for the next few weeks, you’ll continue to get a few more clicks as people open the emails that have been sitting in their inbox.

Usually, a good Solo Ad seller will over-deliver on the clicks they send.

We’ll talk a little more about that later.

Next, I want to talk about some myths, risks, and the people you want to avoid.

When Solo Ads Suck

It’d be wrong to say (or give the impression) that Solo Ad selling is a murky business.

It’s not.

But bad guys do exist and that includes the used-car salesman style seller who promises the world and leaves you with an empty Paypal account.

These are the folk in it for a quick buck.

Let me scare you with a few horror stories to show you exactly what I mean.

Buying Fresh Air Instead of Solo Ads

I’ve heard a couple of these stories…

Forums are communities and you can find out if someone is to be trusted or not.

You can get a general feel for someone’s business reputation.

You can read about the good guys, hear about the bad guys and listen to horror stories about the scammers.

So Victim A goes to the forum where someone is offering a Solo Ad and claims to have a list with tens of thousands of subscribers and promises to deliver x clicks for x dollars in the next 48 hours.

It’s looking good value, it’s a fair price and there may or may not be a testimonial from another forum member.

Usually, you can tell the reliability of a forum poster by how active they are so – see how many posts and thanks they have.

You pay your money and the buyer gives you a date when to expect your clicks. But nothing comes…

What’s has happened?

The Solo Ad vendor doesn’t even have a list.

You’re just paid for fresh air.

Any proof they had used when they were advertising their services was faked.

It’s easy to doctor screenshots that show the size of someone’s list or the confirmation that the email has been sent.

This scam is too easy to do so you really need to watch who you are buying the Solo Ad from and be 100% sure they are legitimate service providers.

You Get Lots of New Subscribers and ZERO Buyers

This can happen because you’ve bought your Solo Ad from someone who has no buyers on their list.

It’s filled to the brim with tire kicks and voyeurs with no interest in buying anything.

Maybe the vendor is in the Solo Ad business and has built an email list purely for the sake of selling clicks or Solo Ads.

The vendor buys and sells Solo Ads which isn’t a scam because they are only selling you clicks and they are delivering the clicks; it’s just that their email list isn’t very good quality.

But there is another reason you might get zero buyers.

Some unscrupulous Solo Ad sellers may promise you x number of clicks from their email list but what they’re actually doing is buying cheap traffic from various sources and just sending some of those clicks your way.

You’re were paying for Solo Ad clicks and what you got were clicks from a Pay Per View Network or other kinds of media buy.

This type of traffic is usually cheaper to buy and needs to be handled in a very specific way.

What has happened is you’ve paid for more expensive Solo Ad traffic and been delivered cheaper traffic that literally costs pennies per click.

If Solo Ad traffic typically costs $1 per click you’ve just been given the traffic that costs $0.10 per click.

You pay $1000 for 1000 clicks and get 1000 clicks that only cost the vendor $100.

He makes an unethical profit of $900 at your expense.

Marketers who know what they’re doing can legitimately make bucket- loads of cash with PPV (pay per view).

But if a Solo Ad seller doesn’t care they could buy cheap traffic from an alternative source and send that to your squeeze page.

You asked for 1000 clicks and they gave you 1000 clicks.

It just wasn’t actually from their email list.

It was cheap, unsorted traffic they bought for pennies and sold for hundreds of dollars.

They promised a sports car and sold you a sedan.

They Send Less Clicks Than You Paid for

This is a recurring theme and a tricky one to deal with I’ve seen many forum posts where people received (or believe they received) far fewer clicks than they paid for.

The most important thing here is to know your figures accurately.

Like an attorney, you have to have a case to present.

If you’ve not tracked how many clicks your Elite Offer has received, then how can you even dispute an order?

You must track your traffic.

Now you will have a case to present if the clicks you bought don’t get delivered.

You can see inside your Elite’s Dashboard to check how many clicks you receive. Something to remember though…

And this comes back to list selection (… surprise surprise) is that even with the best tracking system in the world if there is a dispute and they have robbed you of your money.

And Paypal isn’t interested in listening to any disputes…

There isn’t a lot you can do.

It comes back to testing small.

And only buyer Solo Ads from trusted sources.

If there is a dispute…

Remember to communicate with the seller and speak to them directly.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a complaint on a forum only to find out that they’ve not even spoken to the Solo Ad vendor yet.

And there’s nothing more embarrassing and unprofessional than complaining without knowing all the facts.

It could be a genuine mistake or misunderstanding first. Maybe you made a mistake.

They made a mistake?

Or maybe even their auto-responder or your tracking went down that day.

Be the professional first.

The Solution to All These Scams and Problems

I’m laboring the point here but I’m not going to apologize because list selection is that important.

It’s the solution to virtually all the problems that crop up when you are buying Solo Mailings.

Be ultra-careful with your list selection.

Send a bad advert to a good email list and you can make money.

Send the best advert to the worst list and it’s going to fail miserably.

Pick your lists carefully.

Do your research and always start small.

Solo Ad Myths and Mistakes

Over the past couple of years, Solo Advertising has moved from the underground secret of major marketers to a commonly talked about the mainstream lead-generating method.

Or so it would appear.

For the most part, everyone knows about Solo Ads but — at best — they’ve only tried it once or twice.

They’re novices.

At worst, the opinion you read is from people as clever as the last forum post they read.

Then they quote it verbatim.

This means there are a lot of myths flying around that could a) put you off buying a Solo Ad or b) cost you a whole lot of money and put you off buying Solo Ads.

So let’s talk about the biggest myths and mistakes out there.

Here are the ones I commonly see:

“I Tried Solo Ad and They Don’t Work” “Solo Ads Are Sent to Non-Buyers Lists” “Always use double opt-in”

Let’s start at the top.

“I Tried Solo Ads and They Don’t Work”

By now you already know there are lots of factors to take into consideration when buying a Solo Ad and making it work.

What kind of list was emailed?

Were their buyers?

What was the message-to-market match like?

What was the sales copy like?

Did you follow up relentlessly?

There are lots of factors to consider.

So first things first.

You always start with a test. By buying a smaller Solo Ad (especially when dealing with a new vendor) to test their email list, test your offer, test your follow-up and see if your system is worth investing more time and money into.

Sometimes the test will work well.

Sometimes it won’t work at all. This is where you have to think seriously about ditching your offer, ditching their list, or ditching the entire idea.

And — more often than not — you make a little, lose a little, or break even. That’s not bad at all.

Because now you tweak your ad and improve your Sales Funnel before re-testing and buying bigger Solo Ads.

The science behind your systems usually looks a little something like this: Test, that didn’t work, tweak Test, that didn’t work, tweak Test, that didn’t work, tweak

…. BOOM, let’s scale this!

It takes a while to accept that this game is a lot about testing.

It’s like a boxer nicking the rounds and winning on points.

He doesn’t win by KO in the first round or even in every fight.

You do your best and win the rounds and now-and-then the knockout comes your way and you bask in the glory!

“Solo Ads Are Only Sent to Non-Buyers Lists”

I quote this from a popular marketing forum:

Most solo ads are sent out to non-buyer lists, but if your marketing/ relationship building skills are strong you can still get sales

You’re already one step ahead because you know this is all about list selection.

Whether or not your Solo Ad goes out to Non-Buyers or Buyers is something you do have a say over.

You already know that choosing people who are building a list of buyers (ie. They sell their own products) are more likely to have buyer lists you can rent.

You also know that when you choose an email list and it’s made up with buyers that you should ask about the recency of the purchase.

Then ask how frequently those buyers bought and how much money they spent.

It’s the R.F.M. formula in action.

“Solo Ad Subscribers Are Less Responsive”

Here’s another quote:

“When you get subscribers from a solo then they are most likely already on dozen of marketers list. Wouldn't these subscribers be very unresponsive for this reason?”

There are two schools of thought here.

The first school is that you have to go out there to find raw, virgin lists of people who aren’t on many lists, and then you have a greater chance of standing out in their inbox.

You have a greater chance of getting your emails noticed, read and clicked. Good luck with that because in this day and age everybody is on dozens of lists.

The second school of thought is from the marketers who accept that we

are all on a lot of lists. So your job is to find the lists with the subscribers most likely to be interested in what you have to say and sell.

It’s your job to find the lists that have people on them that (ideally) are already conditioned to clicking on links inside of emails and buying through those emails.

In the world of paper and ink, the best direct response marketers knew that the best lists weren’t just the names of people who had bought.

They were the people who had bought through direct response paper and ink offers.

As great as it would be to have virgin untapped lists it’s highly unlikely.

Better than you accept your subscribers are also on the lists of other marketers and you learn how to out-email, out-market your rivals, and build stronger, honest relationships with your subscribers.

How do you do that?

You focus on the people in your market.

You become their trusted advisor and focus on what they are interested in then provide value through the products you promote.

And before I forget – learn to sell. Think about the lists you are on.

Why do you stay on some and unsubscribe from others?

Or why do you read some emails and ignore others?

Answer why do you buy from some folk and not from others?

Do you open emails because of the subject line or because of who it is from?!

This is SERIOUSLY Important

There are and there is a RIGHT and WRONG way to do Solo Ads.

The first thing you should always be doing — with Solo Ads or any other form of paid traffic — is focusing on conversions and doing your best to get a return on your investment.

That doesn’t mean turning a profit immediately but it does mean coming close so that you can afford to keep buying more leads.

The secret to this is testing, tweaking, and re-testing.

It’s something we’re going to talk about in the next section.

This is for the grown-ups because it’s the only place to find real answers.

Scaling and Growing Your Business

When you’ve got this far…

When you’ve tested small Solo Ad purchases.

Tweaked your system.

Re-tested and started to turn those paid-for-leads into money in the bank… it’s time to scale your empire and grown your business.

You’ll know what is and what isn’t working in your market and for your niche.

From looking at what offers to convert best and reading the feedback from your subscribers you’ll know more about them than anyone else.

You’ll have found your own voice and created your own community.

From here on everything you do is based on the results of what is and isn’t working.

And that could change in 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years or never.

You’ll also realize that no one can really teach you exactly what to do.

It’s different for everyone.

You take a business model and then you take it in your direction and make it work for you!

So while I can’t tell you exactly what to do once you’ve made your Solo Advertising work I can give you some ideas on where to take your business.


More, Bigger and Better Solo Ads

That’s not rocket science.

Of course, once you’ve started generating a profit from your Solo Ads you can start to spread your wings and buy Solo Ads from new vendors and buy more and more clicks.

Buying bigger Solo Ads will bring the cost per click down and boost your profit margin.

You might even decide to go wider afield and buy Solo Ads in other niches.

For example:

If you’re buying Solo Ads in the internet marketing market you might approach someone with a list of people who have bought advice on achieving financial freedom in business.

There might be a small chance of someone looking for achieving financial freedom in business also wants to learn about how to make money online.

See what I mean about testing new things?

As you learn more you can start to think outside the box, get creative, and become a true entrepreneur.

The crazy and silly ideas that come when you’re in the shower or driving to the beach could be the ideas that chance your income forever.

The Crazy World of Adswaps

I say “crazy” because if you do this wrong you can seriously hurt your list.

Some list builders make the mistake of damaging the relationship and losing trust with their current subscribers because of the work they are doing to find new subscribers.

An adswap is similar to a Solo Ad but instead of paying someone to email their list for you, you return the favor.

They email their list with your Elite Offer and you reciprocate by emailing your list with their link.

This is dangerous because if your list — the same one that knows, likes and trusts you — starts to realize you’re just emailing them an offer because someone else is going to reciprocate to grow your email list then you can destroy the relationship you worked hard to create.

If your list will start to realize they’re nothing more than a commodity to you and you don’t really have their interests to heart then the next step could be to unsubscribe or never buy anything from you again.

If you’re going to do an Adswap then always focus on value by making sure it is genuinely going to help your subscribers greatly.

And then be careful not to make an Adswap a regular feature of your emails. Keep them few and far between.

You can start ad swapping by using

Your Profit Mission

Your ultimate mission is to create a profitable business where you can buy new leads, send them into your sales funnel, and walk away with a healthy profit.

To build an ever-growing database of buyers you can contact regularly and sell to, over and over again.

The crux of this business comes down to building a database of subscribers, providing them with value, and putting relevant and useful offers they want in front of them.

Online or offline your business is as simple as this:

Get traffic.

Build a list of buyers (a database) Sell them stuff they need and want. That’s it.

No need to make it any more complicated at this stage. Now you might have to jump some hurdles along the way. For example:

Are You Scared to Lose Money Buying Traffic?

Remember this is a real business that could change the way you live forever.

And remember that getting started online is seriously cheap compared to setting up a brick and motor business at the local strip mall.

The reality is virtually every business needs to spend money first in order to get started.

We’re just fortunate that it isn’t a lot of money. Thank you internet!

While I am a huge advocate of buying traffic and buying results if really have no money to spend on Solo Ads (or it means paying for it on your credit card) then wait.

Save it up or spend some time driving free traffic to your site just to a) see if it works and b) make some seed money you can use to pay for your first Solo Ad and c) get some results.

If you’re scared to lose money then a part of me thinks “Good” because it means you’ll take this game and anything you spend seriously.

You’ll plan, prepare and create a sales funnel with the same care and attention any real-world brick and mortar business would also get.

Money Always Makes More Money

As an entrepreneur, you have to take the rough with the smooth.

It won’t always be plain sailing.

There are times your Solo Ad will flop and fall flat on its face but that won’t matter so much because it won’t be taking the food off your table.

The reasons a solo ad might fail are numerous.

  • Your systems weren’t quite right and you had the wrong offers.
  • Your list selection was off and the message to market match was out.
  • You can’t work it out. It just failed.

With your Solo Ads, you have to take the rough with the smooth.

If you track your results the money you make from successful ads will more than pay for those ads that don’t work out.

So, don’t give yourself a hard time because a Solo Ad fell flat on its face. It’s the nature of the business.

Just make sure to manage your money, manage your numbers and learn from those losses.

It’ll be either one less place you shop for your Solo Ads or perhaps next time you either try something different or negotiate a lower rate.

Build Your List for Free So You Can Profit Tomorrow

When you’re starting out you want to make your money upfront.

It is a hard-to-accept fact that most of your money will be made on the back-end.

That’s the other stuff you promote over the weeks, months, and years as you build deeper relationships and follow-up relentlessly.

The front-end is really about building a buyers list and separating the wheat from the chaff. Plus the sales you make will likely pay for your traffic.

Say you spent $350 on 1000 clicks (visitors). 500 of those clicks convert into subscribers and you get 35 sales from a $10 affiliate commission product. You gross $350 (35 x $10)

You break even which sounds very unsexy. But think about it…

Because you broke even that few hours of work has added 500 people including 35 buyers to your email list for nothing. Now you can continue to sell to them again and again.

Every click you bought cost you $0.35 and every click was equivalent to $0.35 in your pocket.

If you could get the exact same traffic for $0.25 then you’d be in profit on the front-end.

If that same traffic cost $0.45 per click then you’re losing money on the front-end.

Remember though. The money isn’t in the front-end. It’s in the back-end.

And that’s where the big boys play.

They can build their email list for free (or even take a loss) because they know their figures and they know how much they will make on the back-end too.

In a nutshell, don’t stress about not making money on the front-end.

Just keep your head above water and look to break even or close and build that database as big as possible because the back-end is where you’re going to profit BIG-time.


Final Thoughts

There are lots of distractions out there.

Lots of bright shiny objects and often they don’t work. It’s not even that the seller is lying or being unethical.

It’s just that they can’t teach or give you the missing X Factor.

And that’s the experience of testing what has worked for them and their market.

Every email list is completely different.

And the relationship you have with that list will be different for the next person.

What I’m saying is that most of the learning is done by doing.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. –


That experience of doing is what no bright, shiny object will ever give you.

You have to get out there and start doing.

Start testing and start working on what does and doesn’t work without losing the clothes off your back and the roof over your head.

The entrepreneurs and the gurus out there making a ton of money doing this stuff aren’t more or less clever than you.

It’s just that they got their act together and started doing it.

Doing something badly is better than doing nothing at all.

And, at least by doing something, you now have results to work with.

Results you can improve.

I strongly believe you need to focus on learning marketing fundamentals.

The basic principles that worked in the past, worked now, and will work in the future.

A lot of it is based on human psychology because people are people and will always buy based on the emotion they try to back up with logic.

Times change but the wiring we all have remains the same from generation to generation.

Learn the fundamentals of direct response marketing. Track your advertising dollars and go out there and make a profitable business.

Now go out, get started and take what’s rightfully yours!

How to Build Mailing List Fast with Solo Ads


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