How to Create Multiple Streams of Income In a Niche

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How to Create Multiple streams of Income In a Niche

I would like to share with you how to create multiple streams of income in just a niche in this post. Please save it in PDF to read offline, no opt-in required: Download Now

I like to share with you many methods of making money online from just ONE NICHE MARKET.

If you’ve found a niche market, you can “expand” and create multiple streams of internet income!

For this post, we’ll use the “education” niche.

Amazon Commission

Don’t forget that Amazon probably carries a very nice selection of books related to education.

But of course, you know that books don’t make much commission for you, HOWEVER, Amazon is helping you out on the upsell upon checkout.

You see, if they buy ANYTHING else on Amazon when they’re purchasing the book, you’ll earn the commission as well.

Online Education Classes

This is an education sub-niche.

Just look at the number of searches and the number of ads showing!

Nearly any traditional degree program that you can think of can now be completed online.

Or, if not the entire degree, good portions of many degrees can be completed online now.

All indications are that this trend will increase in the coming years.

Even degrees that you would never think of being offered online are now available.

With the economy being the way it is, more people are opting to stay employed while attending classes.

Online classes allow them to complete their classes on their own schedule without having to leave their present jobs.

They also save money by not having to commute to classes.

Online classes are here to stay, and you can capitalize on the trend.

Don’t forget, online classes are not just for college students; they can also be for high school students.

This is a demographic that should not be ignored when you are thinking of building a site centered on online classes.

As with the other education sub-niches, location, location, location is everything.

Get those states and cities into your keywords.

Info-Products from

Clickbank probably does not come to your mind when thinking about how to monetize the education niche but there are some instantly downloadable study and speed reading guides that might really fit the bill for a student who has finals looming.

At 2 am, the options to find study guides in a hurry are limited.

This is where you can help with providing a desperate student an option to get his or her hands on the guide they need right away.


Get Paid for Leads with CPA Programs

You can make some side income with CPA offers from the same crowd!

The real problem here is that many CPA networks won’t let newcomers promote in the education niche right off the bat.

It may take you a month or two of working with one of the CPA network’s affiliate managers to get to be able to promote these lucrative offers.

If you think you might be interested in eventually adding education CPA offers to your site, it would pay to get your feet wet promoting offers in other niches.

This way you will gain the trust needed to promote these high-paying offers.

My suggestion is, start creating a real “education” blog to have some credibility and traffic before you apply for CPA approval.

I hope that you can now see how you can be making money with niche marketing — superb for Adsense, but also there are so many other options to monetize.

Do choose an “evergreen” niche market so that it can continue to generate income for you in times to come.

For instance, education is an “evergreen” niche; not a trendy niche that will be here today and gone tomorrow.

Next, choose a niche that can be developed into sub-niches.

The education niche is like an absolutely huge umbrella that holds so many great sub-niches under it.

If you are looking for a niche that produces steady income month after month, you can’t go wrong with the education niche (this is just an example).

Lastly, the biggest thing is to get into the minds of your readers. What do they want to know about?

Once you get started thinking about your target audience in that way, you’ll begin to look at this niche and other broad niches in a whole new light.

Keyword tools are great to drill down with, but your brain is an even better tool! So get out there and don’t be afraid to dig into the big niches.

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