Striving for Success – Learn What It Takes to Climb the Ladder of Success by Striving for It and Then Remaining There

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Striving for Success

Everybody has a desire to be successful but attaining that desired level of success is not as easy as people are led to believe.

If you want to be successful, you must make sacrifices and sometimes give up daily pleasures.

There are many ways in which to be successful, but some of the things to keep in mind include:

Do Things You Love

Its unfortunate people will settle for a job or career they don’t get any real satisfaction from.

This is why it’s imperative to you know what you have a passion for and go after it with gusto.

The biggest regret the elderly often have is settling – most especially, settling for a job they had no real love for.

If you do something you love, you’ll remain motivated in your daily activities, and money won’t matter.

The goal is to find what your purpose in life is and work hard to attain the goals you have set forth for yourself.

Seek Out Someone Successful

When you have hopes and dreams, you create goals, but remember, there is no secret to success.

You have to seek it out, and this means looking for someone successful in your field of interest to help you do this.

This person should be seen as a mentor.

Once you have this person on your side, you can imitate their positive characteristics and learn from their mistakes. 

When you do this, you increase your chances of success exponentially.

Be Ready for Disappointment

It’s great when things are going well, but you should always prepare yourself for the bad things.

Remember the saying, “Prepare yourself for a rainy day.”

While nobody wants to experience rainy days, there will be times when you’re going to be disappointed by something.

Prepare yourself emotionally and mentally, as those days can happen.

However, the key is to stay optimistic and remain confident that you’re going to be successful in the end.

Always Practice to Make It Perfect

You have to be committed if you are to be successful in your endeavors.

And, this is going to take time, patience and practice to be successful.

Success is only achievable when you stay consistent.

And, the way to stay consistent is to constantly practice the skills it takes to be successful.

It’s a never-ending cycle that ensures success.

Make A Plan

Too often, people make the mistake that success is going to happen immediately.

However, success only happens with time, patience, hard work and perseverance.

And, it happens with a well-thought-out plan.

If you’re going to be successful in your goals, you must create a plan to see them come to fruition.

For success, you need to know what steps to take to get the things you want.

Successful people may take chances, but they are calculated risks that have been put into the plan. 

Come up with a schedule and be sure to abide by it.

With a plan, you can keep track of how things are going.

Stay True to Who You Are

As you go down your path of success, you need to realize what the one obstacle is that stands in your way.

Did you know that it’s you?

If you procrastinate to get things done, it keeps from being successful.

You are robbed of the time you need to attain your goals.

You must constantly stay on yourself to follow through on tasks.

You must remind yourself why you are doing something even if you feel less than motivated to push through.

Be disciplined to carry out your goals, and you will attain them.

Like The Journey You Are On

It’s hard to stay on a path when you’re on your own, and you should never compare your journey to someone else’s.

This will only cause self-doubt and can hinder you from being successful.

Remember, success isn’t garnered overnight.

You must be patient to attain the goals you recognize as important for your success.

Create milestones to help you achieve these goals. 

When you enjoy your journey, it makes the entire process go smoother, and you’ll want to continue with it.

This will help you down the road to success.

When one goal is complete, reward yourself and appreciate the hard work you did that helped you to attain it.

Keep in mind this one thing: If you do not appreciate what you have done thus far – big or small – nobody else is going to appreciate them either.

Chapter 1: What Does Success Really Mean to You


Success mean to you?

Everybody’s version of success is not the same.

What makes you happy in life may not be the right thing for somebody else. 

What does success really mean?

It’s a question that has many different answers. 

When you’re asking how you can be successful, you really should ask yourself what it is that will make you the happiest.

What will ensure you get out of bed every day?

What passion will you in life that makes you look forward to getting up every morning?

And success, it’s not just about the material or financial wealth. 

Success is more than that!

Think about it for a moment!

True success is a mixture of being happy with yourself personally and professionally while also enjoying convenient living.

For you to be successful, you must realize what success is and learn how you can be successful.

Be Ready, Willing and Eager to Learn

Preparing for actual success can help you to attain your goals and live a fulfilling life.

However, just as you must prepare for success, you must also ready yourself for problems.

This means you have to willingly organize your plans for certain goals based on your own habits and traits.

This is what will help you to become successful.

When you’re looking for the real meaning of success, you need to remember that success only happens if you make an investment in yourself.

Be Passionate About The Work You Do

If you’re passionate about something, it’s going to go a long way in helping you to be successful.

If you don’t like what you do professionally, then other areas of your life will also have problems.

Be sure you look at where your strengths and weaknesses are and find a profession that you have a real passion for and allows you to be very productive in life.

With every ask in a profession, there is always something that you’ll be unhappy with.

However, if you can avoid spending time in meaningless jobs, you’ll find a job that provides you with all the happiness you’ve been looking for.

Learn Time Management Skills

Time management skills are so important and allow you to focus on what you want and need to do rather than feel aggravated about the job you have to do that you cannot stand.

When you use your time wisely, you boost productivity and reduce your stress level. 

The best investment you can make in yourself is to find a solution and ideas that improve your personal and professional life.

This means coming up with a plan for your daily activities – ones that prepare you for your path in life.

According to the laws of abundance, you should spend more time harnessing your abilities and improving your weak areas.

The more you do so, the more you attain for your future.

You’ll learn what the true meaning of success is and how to enjoy it completely.

Of course, some people view the different laws such as the law of abundance as some New Age quack, but real or not, it’s something to consider.

Don’t Settle for Less Than You’re Worth

If you want to be productive, you must be enthusiastic about the work you’re doing.

Not everybody gets to enjoy their jobs at all times, but there are ways to benefit from it and practice proper time management.

Therefore, you need to build upon your strengths and make a financial investment in yourself.

Be sure you look within you to find what it is you want.

That’s very important here – look within yourself.

What do you have a passion for that will give you a reason (beyond family) to wake up and get out of bed?

What will help you to attain your goals and feel financially secure?

Success is a multi-faceted subject that involves living comfortably, being happy with what you have and your happiness in both your professional and personal lives.

Attaining personal goals is always possible, and it can lead to a fulfilling life, but you must prepare yourself for success or prepare yourself for obstacles that could stand in your way.

When you look for the real meaning behind success, you need to remember that success is something that you feel within you.

When trying to find the formula for success, remember the investment is you.

So, the more you can focus on the weak aspects of your being and make them stronger, the more investment you make in your future and your chances for success will increase.

The difference between successful and not-so-successful people is how they cope with the problems in their life.

Successful people are all about objectives and meeting goals.

The belief in one’s self is an important aspect all successful people have an understanding of.

Since the best investment for your financial future is you, it means continually looking at ways that improve your own skills and abilities and learning what success is for you.

When there is a passion and a purpose, with a dedication to those goals, you can enjoy the luxury of success and feel financially secure.

Chapter 2: What Is Keeping You from Being Successful


What Is Keeping You from Being Successful

Have you ever had a day where success was so hard to reach, no matter how hard you try, something stood in your way and hold you back from being successful?

If you have, know that now is the time to get organized and come up with methods that will help you to be successful and attain your goals.

You must put forth the effort and commit yourself to attain the success you want.

Once you make that commitment, you’ll find that the little accomplishments will aid you to keep it up and look forward to further success.

What are some of the actions you can take that will help you to grab success by the collar and be successful?

Realize You Are The Only Person Responsible for Your Success

For you to be successful, you must remember that only you are the one responsible for it.

Your success nor your failures can be put onto someone else – you and you alone!

Be sure to develop yourself.

This means smiling more, look at the positive aspects of everything you do and come across.

You want to portray a positive air of confidence that successful people often have.

Decide Today How You’ll Be Successful

If you want to be successful, you must make it your mission to be so.

You must ignore the negativity around you and focus on making yourself happy.

The first way to do this is by waking up and thinking something positive every day.

Every time you speak to somebody, stick to the positives.

Be sure you find positive, like-minded individuals to surround yourself with.

People who commit to attaining success are people you want to be with.

Don’t Involve Yourself With Negative People

When you want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with people who think like you, who have the same motivations as you do and whatnot.

Therefore, the last group of folks you should be hanging with are those that want to bring you down or are constantly negative in their thoughts.

Their negative way of thinking and actions – their pessimism to things in life and the whining they do – can be very training on the body and is toxic.

Avoid them at all costs

Imagine Yourself Living Successfully and Write It Down

Think about the things that are important to you, using words and images to help you visualize yourself as being successful.

Do this, and then make the moves that will bring it to fruition.

Define What Success Means for You

Consider what you are really good at, and then focus on what things make you the happiest.

Use the vision of how you want to live, use a journal to convey that picture and then read to yourself (out loud) when success means for you.

Do Research and Commit Yourself

It’s time to do some research – read books and blogs, subscribe to videos, groups and other content that will help you to see yourself as being successful and reach your own success.

Find material that changes your current way of thinking to something more positive.

The Power Visualization Has On The World

Be sure to come up with a method that will help you to attain your goals and objecting, working one step at a time to make it happen.

Stay in the present, not the future or past.

Avoid thinking negatively, as this can do you more harm than good.

Put your attention on the successful vision you saw for yourself.

Have an air of attitude that exudes success.

With the power of visualization, you can attain success by using successful habits that have been effective for millions of others.

The key is staying focused on what it is you want out of your life.

Do that and take one action at a time to become the success you see.

How You Can Leap Into Your Successful Life

It’s not uncommon for people to hope that success will take them away from their everyday, hum-drum life.

They continue doing what they do in the hopes that success will come to them and deem them worthy of it.

Hoping and wishing for something doesn’t make it happen.

You have to earn success through dedication, commitment and stubbornness.

You have to go beyond your comfort zone to be successful.

You have to stay hoping and praying it happens, and just make it happen.

Now, ask yourself what’s keeping you from being successful.

Here, you must be honest if you are to be successful.

Some people say it’s the lack of education, too much competition and other things that keep them from being successful.

Not true!

The only person stopping you from being successful is yourself!

There are millions of people in the career you are that are doing well.

That’s because their mindset is positive.

They focus on the positive things and have the right mindset to make things happen for them that ensure it’s in their favor.

Without this kind of mindset, you’re not as successful as you could be.

There is one common denominator between successful people.

It doesn’t matter what they are doing or their specialty.

There is one thing that allows them to meet their goals.

This common denominator is what gives them the feeling of winning.

It’s a positive mindset.

What does it mean by having the right mindset?

Forget what you think you know because it’s not knowing your job as well as you do.

The right mindset comes from having a successful awareness.

Look at those who are successful in your career, what do they share in common?

It’s the deliberate success that helped to spiral them to the top.

They had a belief in themselves and made sure their vision for their success become a reality.

In order to have this success awareness, you need to move past the failures and obstacles that keep you from getting it.

You must realize it within yourself for it be seen externally.

You’re not being successful could be the result of these limiting beliefs that have been instilled in you because you see success as a way to change your life.

The problem is that limiting beliefs hinder you from being successful, and you need to look at them to see if there’s anything true behind them.

How You Can Leap Into Your Successful Life

It’s not uncommon for people to hope that success will take them away from their everyday, hum-drum life.

They continue doing what they do in the hopes that success will come to them and deem them worthy of it.

Hoping and wishing for something doesn’t make it happen.

You have to earn success through dedication, commitment and stubbornness.

You have to go beyond your comfort zone to be successful.

You have to stay hoping and praying it happens, and just make it happen.

Now, ask yourself what’s keeping you from being successful.

Here, you must be honest if you are to be successful.

Some people say it’s the lack of education, too much competition and other things that keep them from being successful.

Not true!

The only person stopping you from being successful is yourself!

There are millions of people in the career you are that are doing well.

That’s because their mindset is positive.

They focus on the positive things and have the right mindset to make things happen for them that ensure it’s in their favor.

Without this kind of mindset, you’re not as successful as you could be.

There is one common denominator between successful people.

It doesn’t matter what they are doing or their specialty.

There is one thing that allows them to meet their goals.

This common denominator is what gives them the feeling of winning.

It’s a positive mindset.

What does it mean by having the right mindset?

Forget what you think you know because it’s not knowing your job as well as you do.

The right mindset comes from having a successful awareness.

Look at those who are successful in your career, what do they share in common?

It’s the deliberate success that helped to spiral them to the top.

They had a belief in themselves and made sure their vision for their success become a reality.

In order to have this success awareness, you need to move past the failures and obstacles that keep you from getting it.

You must realize it within yourself for it be seen externally.

You’re not being successful could be the result of these limiting beliefs that have been instilled in you because you see success as a way to change your life.

The problem is that limiting beliefs hinder you from being successful, and you need to look at them to see if there’s anything true behind them.

Limitations You Impose On Yourself to Stay Safe

Beliefs you have will create a reality and reinforce them – you may have heard this phrase or some variation of it before.

Your beliefs may make you feel as if you don’t deserve anything worthwhile or feel worthless.

These feelings of unworthiness are the result of feeling as if you’re not good enough, making you feel less confident in yourself.

If you are to overcome this thought, you must change your mindset into something positive and take necessary actions to see it come to fruition.

You’ll need to nurture that mindset, so you continue to go after what you want. 

Failure to do this will keep you from attaining the success you are so desperately after.

High Performance Habits author Brendon Burchard said nobody can quiet a person without their permission.

Nobody can take away the image of someone else without their permission.

Nobody can release a person’s full power; only that person can do this.

It doesn’t matter what background you have; you want to be successful.

It may not be what you want right at this moment or what you see, but if you believe it can happen to you, it will.

It means getting rid of those limitations you put on yourself – no longer playing things safe and taking chances when you need to in order to be successful. 

Playing things safe means being trapped, even when you desire for something else.

By doing this, your subconscious is fighting itself.

The one you pay more mind to is the one that will win out.

If you want permission to be successful, give it to yourself.

You deserve it and all that goes with it.

You must make it a mind, body and soul type of experience – not just keep it in your mind.

The journey toward greatness is when you realize that comfort and certainty keep you from getting what you want.

You must challenge yourself to become successful.

What does it mean by mind, body and soul?

It means feeling it all through you – not just physically, but mentally and spiritually.

There are many times a person who is not comfortable with being praised will shrug off any compliment because they don’t want the recognition. 

Why though.

It’s because they don’t have any real belief in their abilities and don’t think they should be successful. 

Consciously, they want to be successful, but they haven’t felt it within themselves.

You are every bit worthy of being successful.

Don’t think otherwise and don’t let anyone tell you don’t deserve it.

Don’t make excuses as to why you shouldn’t be successful.

The biggest decision you’ll ever make is the decision of what you want from your life – to know what you are worthy of and are able to attain it.

There is no reason to ask for permission from anyone but yourself.

Decide What You Want and Why You Long for It

Rather than putting your attention on your failures, focus on what it means to be successful.

Attention to failures will only keep you from getting what you want.

Think of it as looking in the rearview mirror and wondering why you’re just not reaching your destination.

You should know what it means to be successful, and that this is not the way to garner it.

Still, people fail to grasp the concept that they deserve to be successful.

They focus on their failures and obstacles instead of seeing the signs of success that lay before them.

On your path toward success, you will experience failures.

Failing is not an indicator that you will never be successful.

All it means is that you won’t always be successful.

When you fail to anticipate failure without judgment, then you allow the opportunity for success.

If you choose that you’re not happy with being successful, make sure you’re honest with yourself about it.

There is no shame in not wanting to be successful.

But, if there are any doubts about your ability to get it, then you have to address the conflict.

A car cannot go forward when it’s constantly stuck in reverse.

You need to decide which motion you want to go in.

Will you come across obstacles?


And, they will work their magic on keeping you from being successful.

Do not allow them to stop you from going after what it is you want.

Remind yourself of your desire to be successful, how powerful the vision you have of yourself and go after your success. 

You deserve to be successful; just like everybody else does.

No permission is needed from anybody but you.

You live on terms you can settle with – the only thing you must have is a plan to get there.

No matter what your goal is, tell yourself that it’s possible to have and make a commitment to it.

Don’t just wait for it to come to you because it never will.

You must have faith in yourself, make a commitment and take action to see things come to fruition.

These are the hallmarks of success.

Decide what you want to have, why you want it and what you are willing to give up having it.

It’s simple and complicated at the same time.

If you want permission to find your success, then give it to yourself.

It’s okay!

It won’t be long before you realize that you deserve to be successful and are capable of attaining it.

Success may bring things to your life, but it’s what it makes of you that ensures good things.

Chapter 3: Why You Should Stop Being So Fearful of Your Success and Become Successful


Become Successful
Become Successful

You may be wondering if the fear of success is an actual thing.

Can you have a fear of wealth and recognition – a fear of making an impact on others and helping others? 

It’s total nonsense to have a fear of success.

No therapist has ever declared someone with a fear of success syndrome – not including people with PTSD or other traumatic events.

Something else is always lurking in the shadows, and you must find it to find what your true fears are so you can work to overcome them and become successful.

That’s right! Your fear of success is actually the result of something else so sinister that you may not even realize it! 

Believe it or not, a situation can change that can affect your ability to be successful.

You could work for it for years, only to have it ripped from you.

It may seem that other people are lucky in attaining their success in a matter of months or years, but the reality is that they also had to endure hard times.

These folks will claim that there is a secret formula to success!

Stop thinking the same thing because there is no formula that will allow you to be successful.

Success is different for everybody, and how you are successful will differ from how your best friend is successful, even if you both have the same goal.

Online courses rarely work for all, especially those that claim to help everybody.

The person who created the course did not get up close and personal with you to find out why you need to be successful.

So, how can the course really work for you?

The real question is why do you fear what it is you want?

It’s the one thing you’re aiming for and are sacrificing for, so why do you have a fear of it?

Yes, a fear of being trapped by success is a real thing.

If success happens, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever feel the fear of success in this fashion. 

How can a fear of success be an actual thing?

Success does not happen overnight, even if you work hard to ascertain it.

If you believe overnight success is a real thing, realize that you’re going to waste your life on something that may never come to fruition.

How can this fear be real when you have to work toward it to get it for years – maybe even decades?

Nobody Is Promised Success

Numerous people have gone after a career to be successful until they finally became a success.

There is no formula for success, as giving it to the wrong person is like a person with no money management skills being given a $1 million to live off of. 

Sure, you may want to mimic the success your mentors have had, but the results they have will not be the same as yours.

This is something you must be mindful of.

There are many unknown factors that can affect your ability to be successful.

Really, fear of success is not a fear of success, but the fear of hard work to be successful.

It’s known as the resistance that keeps people from getting what they want.

Resistance is what keeps you from doing what you want such as writing a novel.

Resistance is what keeps you from perfecting a craft that can bring you success.

Go After Excellence and Success Is Close Behind

A student who becomes successful at something is usually the result of training – hours upon hours of training.

For instance, a soccer player isn’t born overnight – they trained to become great at what they do.

A student who plays the piano is not savant but rather a person who practiced hours to become good at playing the piano.

They had mentors to guide them along the way.

Success can’t be left up to chance.

You must nurture your talent and make it grow.

You must pay it great mind, greeting it with humility and respect because the tide can turn before you know it.

Success can find someone else who doesn’t mistreat it, so it can grow to become something.

Success is an indecisive creature; it’s an antagonist.

However, it can help you if you work hard every day.

You gain success when it’s awarded to you because of the tireless dedication you give to it – the hard work you put into it and so much more. 

In High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard said a person should be intentional about who they want to become.

They should see beyond the circumstances they are currently in and picture a future that’s better for them and become that person today.

Make sure you put their needs above their own.

You want to serve them the best way possible without expecting something in return.

The idea is to do it because you want to and have a passion for it.

If you’re going to be successful, you need to make the commitment and stay dedicated to it, so you see it come to fruition.

The work you put into it will help you to overcome obstacles that can rear their ugly faces.

4 Myths That Can Hinder You From Moving Forward

Did you ever feel that success was beyond your reach?

Unfortunately, you are not alone in this way of thought.

These individuals often think people are born with success – either they have it, or they don’t.

However, success is not something you are born with.

You must work toward it to have it happen to you.

Success is attainable for everybody who works hard, is dedicated and has the patience to see it occur.

It’s all in your mind, which means success is a mindset, not the end result.

Anybody – young and old – can be successful if they put their mind to it.

Show Me The Money – This myth centers on the idea that success means money.

While money is necessary, it’s not what defines success.

For you to be truly successful, it boils down to service.

What do you provide others to help them?

Focus on the service instead of money, and that what brings success to you.

More Followers Than Others – This myth revolves around the idea that success is a numbers game; it’s not!

How many likes, followers, views or sales you have does not dictate success.

Success is actual interaction and connection with others.

Focus on that, and success will soon follow.

Me, Me and Me – No, success is not just a one-man person.

You must have others to become successful.

You must have clients, customers, mentors, friends, family, etc. to be considered a success. 

Success people are all about others.

They don’t think any less of who they are; they just think more about the people they can help.

They know that their success is prudent for these individuals.

Find people who can help you to become successful.

Must Be A Martyr – You don’t have to fall into the false premise that sacrificing yourself and values will lead to success.

You will need to make some sacrifices, but they are to work for you, not against you.

The reality is that your values and the person you are should never be put to the side.

This is something people are successful understand.

The values you have to make you unique, which, in turn, leads to your success.

Connect with those values to become successful.

Are any of these myths keeping you from being successful?

Are there other myths hindering you from being successful?

Realize what these myths are and find ways to overcome them.

If you believe in any of them, know that you have the power to change them, so success is attracted to you.

Look at what it means to be successful, and how they can empower or de-power you. 

How quickly will you attain success when you disregard these and other myths?

Chapter 4: What Must You Do to Be Successful


What Must Do to Be Successful
What Must Do to Be Successful?

If you think about what it means to be successful, you need to realize there are certain aspects that will be uneasy for you.

You have to move away from the things that make you comfortable and step out into the unfamiliar.

The key is to be determined about achieving a goal.

It’s okay to be broke, lose friends and get little sleep.

However, this is something many people fail to grasp!

What must you do to be successful?

Why is it so hard for people to understand?

How can you persevere when things are not going your way? 

How can you be successful in your life?

What you need to understand is that success isn’t some straight line. 

It’s filled with twists and turns, ups and downs that will test your patience and your motivation.

Successful individuals have experienced failure more than you can imagine.

For you to move past the failures, you need to take life by the horns and guide it back your way.

That is how success happens!

What does it mean to be a failure?

What does it mean to be successful?

It boils down to the belief in yourself.

You cannot, no matter what is thrown your way or what is said, you must continue to believe in yourself.

You need to know what is possible for you.

You have to know deep in your mind, body and soul that you can do it!

Don’t let anyone – from family, friends, co-workers, teachers and others – dissuade you from going after what you want. 

Do not allow them to dismiss your dreams of success!

Faith in yourself means success!

Plant the seed, give it water and see it come to bloom (before it even happens).

Success means working hard, being dedicated and never giving up in spite of what comes your way.

What are some other things that will help you along your path to success?

Your Success Is Based On Determination and Perseverance

There are two qualities successful people have – determination and perseverance.

Perseverance is one quality that lets you continue focusing on something even when other people say it shouldn’t be done.

With determination on your side, you won’t give up even when you feel you should.

One prime example of this is when you need to lose weight.

You weigh 300 pounds and know you need to lose weight.

You’re being told you should by your doctor, but others around you tell you it’s not possible without some medical intervention.

You decide to take the chance and lose weight.

You join a gym and start to eat better.

You lose weight and then hit a plateau.

You feel discouraged but don’t let it define you.

Instead, you work toward breaking through the plateau and get to where you want to be.

It’s true but not as simple as it sounds.

If you’re going to be successful, you must have the willpower and drive to make it happen.

With persistence, you will see more possibilities open up for you.

It will allow you to better appreciate things around you.

If you never start, then nothing will be possible.

All too often, people fail to try, and those that do often give up when things get tough.

There are only a minute number of people who keep going – that never give up.

These are the individuals who find their success.

Success Means Putting In Hard Work

If you want your dreams to become reality, you must work hard to see them come to fruition.

Your ideas cannot come to life if you’re not willing to make the commitment to work hard and get them.

If you don’t have the determination to work hard, then any ideas you have just lay to the waste side, collecting dust. 

For you to be successful, you must focus on making dreams a reality.

Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t do something – just do it, but know you’ll be working hard to make it happen.

Put your attention on one thing and see it come to fruition for you.

If you focus on too many things at one time, you hinder yourself from becoming successful at anything.

Once you’ve mastered one area, it’s time to move to the next one.

If you feel deeply about something that you’re trying to accomplish, put your energy into it and foster it, so it grows.

This is the way for your dreams to become a reality.

Success Means Words Become A Reality

Most people end up where they are based on the things they believe – not what you believe consciously but subconsciously.

If you want something but are stuck in a rut, you can blame your subconscious for it.

It’s keeping you from getting what you want and deserve.

It’s like a tape running on an endless loop, telling you that it’s not possible to get what you want.

Without being fully aware of this, you will continue to act on the belief system instead of what you know to be true.

The person you are today is what you’ve been telling yourself.

Here’s what to remember; words are powerful!

They can elicit change or keep you locked in place.

If you want something bad enough, you must tell yourself over and over that you deserve it.

By talking about it, your subconscious mind imprints the thought into the mind and changes how you see yourself later on.

Before you know it, you’ll be taking the steps necessary to go after your hopes and dreams and become successful.

Negative talk hinders you from the success you rightly deserve.

Positive talk helps to be successful.

If you talk about failure, you will never see success.

If you never expect to get ahead, then you never will.

However, if you change your subconscious mindset, then things will begin to turn positively around, and you can go after what you want in life.

Success Means Taking Action and Making Changes

For you to be successful, you must have a vision of yourself winning and getting to where you want to be.

Do this, and your life will go the direction you want it to go.

You will have the desire to take the actions needed and make the changes necessary to see the results of success.

Many people go through the motions of life without so much as a positive thought.

They often think negatively, such as “getting the flu because flu season is here or they’re liable to be laid off because the business has been slow.”

This is a prediction of defeat.

They allow negativity to rule their life.

If you want something good to happen to you, you can’t think negatively.

You must look at the good things already in your life and think about the good things that are to come.

You must act in a way that gives the impression that good things are already gracing their presence. 

By doing this, your actions will correlate with what you think and say.

Those previous actions and choices were made based on the belief you had for yourself.

When you want to be successful, you must change how you think and how you act.

This will change your destiny and bring success to you.

Don’t talk as if things can’t happen for you; think they can!

Success Means Having Willpower

You cannot just think to yourself that you will be successful; you must have the willpower to declare yourself successful.

Go ahead and stand in front of a mirror and repeat to yourself that you are successful.

The key is to speak for your future, repeating the words, so they bore down into your subconscious and soul. 

These words will change how you see things and change who you are.

Sure, you’re going to come across difficult times, but how you handle them will be the true test.

When you put your efforts into something, and it fails, you may feel discouraged. Don’t.

You will have instances where something you thought would work isn’t working out as you thought.

Determine what resources are needed to get you back on the path of success.

You will need to fight for your niche for success.

You won’t get much sleep, but by keeping moving forward, you will get what you want and become successful.

Success Means Educating Yourself and Not Sleeping Much

For you to be successful, you must become knowledgeable about how success comes to you.

This means reading, working on yourself and learning what it means to be successful.

Everybody, at some point in their life, is going to fail.

Rather than focusing on the negative, think on the positives that will allow you to have a better life.

People often turn to books on how to be successful, but what writers fail to mention is the darker parts of success.

When people tell you you’ll never be successful, ignore them and keep doing what you’re doing to make it happen.

These individuals just want to bring you down to their level and utter the phrase, “I told you so.”

If these folks were real friends, they would be standing beside you, not tearing you down.

Life can tear you down if you let it.

Don’t do this to yourself!

Rather than making comparisons of yourself to others, focus on your own life.

Do what you must, and don’t worry what others have to say.

Be confident in yourself and persistent.

It will come to fruition.

For You to Be Successful, You Must Have Help

No matter what room you walk in, you are special and important.

You need to know that you mean something.

You may not always get your desired outcomes, but the real failure of not getting the outcomes you want is not trying for them at all.

In Terminator 2, Kyle Reese’s character said it best, “There is no fate but what we make.”

You control your fate.

You will likely lose friends along the way to becoming successful, but value and quality replace these folks.

Actual success is what makes you content and happy, but the only way to have this is to work for it.

Success is not something you can do alone.

You’ll need help, so ask for it.

The majority of people who have become successful will provide you with helpful advice and guide you.

They will not give you money to be successful.

Some people you know may offer help willingly while others do not.

Realize what your worth is and go from there.

Never assume you’ll have help; you’ll need to always ask for it!

It’s not uncommon for others who want to see you fail to laugh at your dreams, to talk you out of them.

They may even turn their backs on you.

The problem is that they don’t understand what you are doing and are fearful of the unknown.

People are not always ready for change.

The key is to continue your dreaming – and no matter where you begin, who tells you this or that of what you can and cannot do, believe in you!

This is the way to be successful!

Nobody Claimed Being Successful Was Going to Be Simple

The reality is that nobody said success would come easily because anyone that did so was telling you a story.

Success means working hard and putting in the effort to become successful.

Success has no shortcuts or magic pills you can take that ensure it. 

Unfortunately, many people operate under the false assumption that there is such a thing as a loophole that will allow them to become successful and free of stress.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How determined am I even when things are not going my way?
  • How easily will I give up when I am faced with an obstacle?
  • Will I fight for what I want – turning the obstacle into a stepping stone toward my journey of success?
  • Will I continue to crawl for what I want to ensure I don’t take any steps back?

Who doesn’t become frustrated when things don’t go their way?

The reality is that everybody does at some point in time.

It’s how you respond to it that will determine how successful you will be.

Your family, friends and confidants will all play a role in what you view as success.

But these are views that can obscure you from the facts of success.

What you need to understand is that you must work hard to get what you want.

No matter what job you have, you can be successful at it, if you put in the work for it.

When you’re working hard in your position, you may be helping someone else to become successful and not yourself.

It could be that your boss is under-appreciative of your efforts.

All of it can lead to a lack of gratification and contentment.

While you can continue working in your career, there is always the opportunity to start your own business.

While you don’t have to do this, the possibility is there.

Or, you can always find another job in the same industry where your talents are not wasted.

If you want to be successful, you need to prepare yourself – mentally – for the realization that success is one that you must work for.

Roaming The Mountains of Success

The first thing you should understand is that success happens when you love the things you do.

You are passionate about your job and will do everything you can to attain the dreams you have and visualize.

You don’t let failure or obstacles stop you from going after what you want; you know they are a part of the victory that you attain.

These mountains you must climb make success so worth it in the end.

According to Winston Churchill, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

Basically, you don’t allow failure to stop you from going after what you want with the same gusto you had before.

The second thing is that you must be attuned with your mindset because how you view things can stop you from being successful. 

Your mind may attempt to play tricks on you, claiming there is no way you’ll be successful.

Allow that mindset to take over, and you won’t be.

Don’t listen to it, and you can be!

Understanding The Terms Of Success

What defines success is when you understand the kind of warrior you are.

Success is much more than what you see.

It’s not just about working hard.

If that’s all there was to it, then millions of people – from all areas of the globe – would be successful. 

Are you currently working for an employer?

If so, then consider the time and energy you are putting into their dreams.

Their vision is being built, not your own.

Now, the idea of success is different for everybody, which is why you should know what efforts you make will help you to become successful.

If you are not getting any worthwhile benefits from a job, it’s time to think about what you need.

Success should never be about tiring yourself out if you do not see any tangible benefits.

Why give up every moment of your day to a job that only makes you miserable.

What Makes Success So Possible?

There are many ingredients to help you become successful, but you only need the important ones to get you there.

With these ingredients, you can go further than you thought possible.

The will and drive to make it happen will help you to overcome obstacles that are in your pathway.

According to Winston Churchill, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

What are the ingredients to being successful?

Persistence – People who put their minds to something will do everything in their power to have it come to fruition.

When this happens, success is usually not too far behind.

However, success is only found with hard work, determination and time with changes to the strategy from time to time.

You may have to use the “10 times rule,” which means to expect 10 times more than initially considered:

Process – Part of the success comes from the process.

You cannot focus on setbacks you come across but instead see them as stepping stones to your journey of success.

Just remember the mistakes made and don’t make them again.

See them as life lessons that will guide you to your end result.

Fearlessness – Quit looking for shortcuts and the thought that successful people were born to be successful. 

The truth of the matter is that every successful person is ambitious, fearless and bold.

These are traits you need to incorporate yourself.

Courage – You will face setbacks and obstacles – make no mistake in that.

When this happens, soak up the courage to face them.

Your journey toward success can be a nightmare – a challenge but giving up is the worst thing you can do for yourself.

Vision – With everything you do in life, you must envision yourself being successful.

You may need to walk, run or crawl to get where you want to be, but seeing yourself at the finish line will ensure that you do this.

If you have the willpower to be successful, you will attain success.

The One Ingredient to Ensure Your Success

It’s not money or education that helps you to become successful.

The key ingredient to being successful is the belief you have in yourself.

When your belief in yourself and have a determination to do something right, then you’ll garner the success you want. 

Billie Jean King once said champions will continue playing the game until they’ve gotten it right.

If you’re going to be successful, you need to do everything in your power to keep moving forward.

Continue playing until you win, regardless of what obstacles are in your way.

This is the only way to attain success.

Success Isn’t Simple or Easy

As you see, success is more than just putting in the hard work.

If you choose to own a business, you become a leader.

You must have the qualities that inspire and motivate others and have the determination and belief in yourself that it will all work out.

This will help you grow personally and professionally, allowing you to become successful.

Bear in mind that there are going to be days that the actions you take are going to be big and other days not so big.

The best thing you can do is “keep moving forward” until you are successful.

As captain of the ship in life, you choose which direction to go.

Along your journey, you will be successful – walking, crawling and running – to see your goals come to fruition.

Be mindful though of what impact you are making on others around you.

Do this, and success is close at hand.

Chapter 5: Motivation Is Just ONE Key to Your Ultimate Success


Motivation Is Just ONE Key to Your Ultimate Success
Motivation Yourself

When it comes to success, there are all kinds of tools you should take advantage of.

One of these tools is your own motivation.

This will help guide you to the path of successfulness.

Why motivation?

It helps you to focus on a goal you have set and attain it.

For example, if your goal is to get a writing project done in one day, then you need to focus on the project at hand and take the necessary steps to ensure its success.

Motivation is how you achieve your set goals.

You cannot be successful if you have no motivation. 

What is motivation though?

What’s the meaning of it?

A Look At What Motivation Is

Motivation is what many consider an enthusiasm for success.

It’s the incentive to go after success.

It’s the driving force of being successful.

If you do not have motivation, you lack any motivation.

The more motivation you have, the higher the chance of success.

However, you must be proactive in making this happen.

It’s not hard to understand why unmotivated people are not successful.

They have no real reason to be successful.

Success doesn’t happen accidentally because there must be some form of motivation behind it.

Motivation means you set goals and you work to attain those goals.

Success is unattainable without goals because you have no reason to be successful and lack motivation to meet your goals.

Motivation is a must for any chance of success.

Motivation plays a huge role in studies, especially management studies.

People who become managers understand how important motivation is, as it helps employees become even more productive.

They realize their companies’ success hinders on how productive their employees are and their motivation levels.

Where does motivation come from?

It comes from within a person, but external factors can also spur motivation.

Since you are the person responsible for your success, you are the only real motivation needed for it.

A lack of motivation means failure.

Do not expect others to motivate you when you’re aiming for success.

If you want to be successful, it’s all up to you.

There are two key motivations of success:

  • Fear of failure – This leads to feelings of humiliation, mortification, disgrace and dishonor.
  • Pleasure of success – This leads to a feeling of happiness, ecstasy, enjoyment and desire.

Both of them can be used as incentives in your journey toward success. 

People terrified of failing will do everything in their power to avoid failure.

However, they may use that fear and turn it into something motivating to success.

While fear is often seen as something negative, successful people can use it in their journey toward success and happiness.

This is why people are encouraged to observe and analyze successful people’s lives to ensure their own financial success.

Success Takes Time… Not An Overnight Sensation

The majority of people think that success can happen overnight when that’s not at all the case.

They want to be successful but think it can happen quickly for them.

They start to weigh themselves down about success.

They become stressed out by their ambitions, hindering them from actually being successful.

These individuals will experience many sleepless nights in the pursuit of their success, but the problem is that the lack of understanding of how success works keep them from actually being successful. 

It’s one of the biggest reasons people do not attain success even though they are so worried about it. 

Success takes time and cannot be garnered overnight.

It’s not a sudden or accidental event.

For success to be attained, you must take one step at a time.

Consider the old thought of “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

The same premise applies.

Henry David Thoreau said, “Success comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

So, the key to being successful is not to be looking for it but to continue working toward it to get it.

It’s not just about being passionate about attaining success but doing what you must to attain success when you need to where you need to and how it must be done.

When you’re thinking about success, you’re wasting time and not working toward it.

If you fail to do the right things that can lead to success, you’re wasting your time and energy.

If you’re overly ambitious for your success, you could actually hinder yourself from being successful.

Success happens not by chance or accident; success happens deliberately because you want it and made plans for it.

According to various observations, success is garnered through trial and error; by making mistakes and being disappointed.

Many successful people were failures before they attained success.

These failures allowed them to prepare for success, but only when they learned their lessons and understood how to use that information to become successful.

Failure does not mean finality.

When you’re overly ambitious about success, it deprives you of the patience you need to overcome those failures.

Impatient people are not ideal contenders for success.

In your journey for success, you must take your time.

Remember the story of the Rabbit and Turtle.

The rabbit took off fast while the turtle walked slowly.

The rabbit, seeing how much time he had, took a rest only to learn that the turtle had actually beat him.

Slow and steady wins the race! 

In essence, patience is the key to success.

A lack of patience only leads to failure.

People who move quickly often find themselves moving backward.

When they move quickly, they don’t take the time to see the room around them.

Before you move forward, take a good look around you.

Success happens when it’s the right time, not when you claim it to be.

Success happens when everything falls into place, and not a minute sooner.

Being overly ambitious without taking the right steps will ensure you go nowhere – now and in the future.

If you take the proper steps, the results you want will be attained.

If you are mindful of your goals, success will come.

For those seconds you pay mind to, the hours will tend to themselves.

Success is always in a progressive state.

Thus, you need to put your attention on doing things right to get the results you want.

Chapter 6: What Are The Important Truths You Should Know About Success


Important Truths about Success
Truths about Success?

Nobody likes being unsuccessful in their life – everybody has the desire to be successful and be considered successful with others who are deemed successful. 

According to an old saying, success has many friends.

This means success is a friend to everybody who grasps it.

While everybody knows it, most people don’t understand the truths behind it.

You don’t need a science degree to be successful or financially set, but there are some key truths that will help you in your path toward success.

Success Isn’t Providing All The Answers

A man that is successful still does not have all the answers to the problems that which he/she must deal with. 

Successful people are dependent upon others – assistants and aides – to help them find answers to problems they have.

It’s why successful people will keep smart people around them because they know they don’t know it all.

It’s not uncommon for some people to be successful by trial and error.

That’s because they don’t mind learning from other people, including those they surround themselves with.

Success Can, Will and Does Change

It’s a given that the one constant aspect of life changes.

And, people who are successful know they will need to make changes when the need arises.

They must be flexible and adopt new ideas and technology to ensure their business success. 

The problem is that many people stick to the tried and true methods that give them the same results but not always for the better.

Successful people, however, are open to change and are willing to listen to what others have to say about it.

Overnight Success Does NOT Happen

Regardless of what you have heard or read, success isn’t guaranteed, nor will it happen overnight.

Instead, success only happens when you have a plan, put in the hard work and are diligent about being successful.

All successful people have had their good days and bad days, but the one thing they share in common is the desire to succeed and persevere.

Sure, recognition can be seen overnight, but it’s the hard work and thought-out plan that you did before that that leads to success.

Sacrifices Must Be Made for Success

Success does come with a price, and it’s not always cheap.

People who desire to be successful must give up with time and energy to make it happen.

Realize that you must give up something to get something you want.

Success Doesn’t Mean Problems Fade

Believe it or not but being successful doesn’t mean the elimination of your problems.

In fact, successful people often have more problems but tend to be effective problem solvers.

The more successful you are, the bigger problems you will need to solve.

Successful people often will solve the issues other people have.

Success Won’t Eliminate Your Loneliness

There is a line between the rich and the poor that will never be met.

The poor see the rich as a reason for their problems, which can give way to jealousy and hostility.

Being successful in life can lead to hate and make you feel insecure about your success.

Success Doesn’t Mean Happiness

No matter how successful you are, it is not a guarantee of your happiness.

And, any happiness that arises from success is only short-lived and will not last.

Success does not mean you will happier.

Money allows you to buy things, but emotional things such as happiness cannot be bought.

A successful man’s happiness is not the reason for his success, but only the gratefulness of what life is bringing to him.



Time to Think about Success

There is one question that people often ask, “What is the road to success?” The answer is different for everybody. 

There are so many factors that are involved with it, and the road isn’t the same for everybody.

Yes, people can have similar goals, but the way they attain them may be different.

How they attain their success is going to be different.

How so?

A person’s future is shaped by the people, experiences, thoughts, jobs and places in their life – parents, friends, schools, churches (or lack of) jobs, opinions, etc.

Therefore, two people may have the same goal, but the road to success will be different.

Though their paths will differ, there are going to be some commonalities.

The key to remember about success boils down on the following:

What Does Success Mean?

The first thing to consider is what success means personally for you. 

Everybody’s idea of success is going to be different.

Each person views success in their own way.

For some, success is financial.

For others, it’s workplace success.

For others, success is peace of mind.

For others, it’s relationship success.

Everybody has their own version of success!

And, it doesn’t even have to be just success for one thing, but multiple things. 

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time; you must plan for success carefully, putting your blood, sweat and tears into it to see success comes to fruition.

While there is one road to success, there is always another road to success.

One road will be better than another for you.

  • One road is the road of success, but you’ll do it alone.
  • One road is the road of success with the help of others.

Finding Someone Successful to Model Yourself After

The quickest way in which to attain success is to find someone successful to model yourself after. 

Regardless of what your goals are, there is going to be someone successful you can follow and model after.

Instead of struggling to be successful, you can take the steps they did and become successful yourself.

For instance, if your goal is to open a business, you want to work for someone who has succeeded in doing so already.

Learn what you can from them and get paid at the same time.

Once you know what you need to open your business, you can use that money you made to start your business.

Finding A Mentor

Another way to become successful is to find a mentor who is also successful.

A mentor is not a coach.

Coaches are task-minded while a mentor is relationship-based.

A coach is a short-term answer, whereas a mentor is someone you look up to now and in the future.

A mentor can help you through the journey and steer clear of negatives that can hinder you from being success.

Associate Yourself with Successful People

The people you surround yourself influence your way in life.

Therefore, you need to associate yourself with those you deem successful in the goals you have.

Surround yourself with optimistic, successful people, but be mindful of those who don’t share the same values you have.

If you’re hanging around those that are lazy and have no goals in life, you can slowly back away from them and find like-minded individuals.

Remember, success will create success!

Assist Other People to Become Success

If you want to be successful, the quickest way in which you can do this is to assist others to become successful – personally or professionally. 

Focusing on others’ goals can help you to stay focused on your goals too.

How so?

When you help someone to become successful, they will do what they can to ensure your success.

If you show a real interest in who they are, their family (kids and spouse) and their way in life, they will go out of their way to help you to attain success too.

The key is to be inspiring as it will come back to you ten-fold.

For some people, it’s hard to put others’ needs ahead of their needs.

They may see it as a contradiction to being successful.

However, if you can work to help others become successful, you will become successful yourself.

It doesn’t happen right away, but you’ll get what you want and more with time.

Instill Good Habits; Eliminate Bad Habits

The quickest way in which you’ll attain success is to instill good habits and eliminate bad ones.

If you have bad habits, it can hinder you from being successful.

Everybody has a bad habit that needs replacing.

For instance, you may stay up too late and not get enough sleep, which hinders you from being productive the next day.

Instead of working and going to bed late, change it up and start waking up earlier.

You may find that you get more done before lunch than you thought possible.

If you find you’re only getting one or two articles done in the afternoon, consider waking up earlier to do the writing.

You may find that those same articles can be done in less time and you could get even more done in the same timeframe.

It’s all about motivation.

Success comes when you motivate yourself to change your bad habits into good ones. 

You’ll need to stay motivated to ensure you are successful all the time.

Think of success has an ongoing goal you must constantly attain.

Do Research and Read All The Time

It’s imperative that you read every piece of work you can about success.

Read about people who have become successful, how you can stay motivated in trying times, how to get into the right mindset to be successful, etc.

The key is to learn all the time.

There is never a time you should stop learning.

The more you learn about success, the more you’ll do what you can to be successful.

And, that is what will help you to become the success you are looking for!

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